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The Theatre of the Cosmic Egg present: Kryogenic Christ *

17 December 2019

Punished Abbot of the Theatre of the Cosmic Egg and DJ Puddle of Cashmere’s own Deep Puddle offer, for this holiday season, a radio programme like no other: KRYOGENIC CHRIST. Abbot and Puddle present a melange of cinematic, literary and musical selections on the topics of snow and cold.

Readings include:

Ice Trilogy – Vladimir Sorokin

Leo Perutz – Saint Peter’s Snow

Dostoevsky – Winter Notes on Summer Impressions

TS Eliot – The Cultivation of the Christmas Tree

Anne Carson -Merry Christmas from Hegel

Yukio Mishima – Spring Snow

Nietzsche – Also Sprach Zarathustra

and seasonally-appropriate music from the likes of Stravinsky, Bladee, Spooky Black, MF Doom, Dolphin Дельфин, Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush, Schubert, Jonathan Richman, Smokey Reichgeworden, and more.

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