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Cashmere Specials w/ Lina Bembe & Mr Rhyu: Cunt Lounge

28 July 2018

Cunt Lounge is a deep dive into acoustic erotism inspired by the sounds of 4 CDs released in the early 90s by the cult label Innovative Communication – home of the Berlin School. The series of CDs, titled “Erotic Music”, is a collection of themed “unreleased and remixed erotic songs”, each presented with a booklet of steamy photographs.

In Cunt Lounge the narration of erotic literature and conversations is by porn performer Lina Bembe. Music selection curated by Mr. Rhyu.


Private Parts - Eylin De Winter
I'm On Fire - Eylin De Winter
Rouge & Noir - Software
Take Off (For Your Last Flight) - Megabyte
Sands Of Time - Interface
Relax - Megabyte
Cairo Whispers - Dancing Fantasy
Cool Blue - Software
Physical Sensation - Terry Marshall
Voodoo Jammin The Eros Mix - Dancing Fantasy
Strange Love - Software
91-65-91 - Dancing Fantasy
Point Blank - Dancing Fantasy
Atmosphere - Interface
I Love You - Software
Butterfly (Vocal) - George Bishop
Hip Sextension - Tee Kay
Vicious Love - Blue Knights
You Give Me So Much - Tee Kay

All tracks released on Erotic Music, a sub label of Innovative Communication.

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