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Cashmere Specials x BGNM – (Not too much) History of Experimental Radio

11 March 2022
  • Experimental
  • Interview
  • Lecture
  • Radiophonic
  • Spoken Word
  • Informative

How does the medium of radio influence music, and how has this relationship transformed over time? Together with radio moderators, scholars, and artists, this episode takes the form of a lecture-concert, threading (not too much) history of experimental radio with discussion on current experimental radio projects and radio as a medium for building community and solidarity. Designed to be a snapshot of our (post?)-pandemic time, this episode explores the enduring possibilities of radio as a space for experimentation, communication and collaboration.

With: Radio Alhara, Kamila Metwaly & Ola Zielińska (SAVVY Contemporary), Rosanna Lovell & Niki Matita (Collaboradio / Freie Radios Berlin-Brandenburg), Omar Ndoumbe (Beach FM, Kribi), Katja Heldt, and Ania Mauruschat

Music by: Biloluchanka Singing Collective, Lore Lixenberg, and Elsa M’Bala

Sound engineer: Nico Daleman

Created and presented by: Brandon Farnsworth and Hanna Grześkiewicz



Lore Lixenberg, Party Political Broadcast
Biloluchanka Singing Collective, Zelenaya Vishnia
Elsa M’Bala