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Cashmere Specials x BGNM: The String Archestra

25 March 2022
  • Classical
  • Radiophonic
  • Talk Show
  • Atmospheric
  • Flowing
  • Informative

This final instalment in the BGNM radio series is a collaboration with the Berlin-based string ensemble,The String Archestra. The ensemble was founded in 2016 with the aim of promoting BIPoC musicians and performing works by historical and living BIPoC composers. This radio concert features a new work for string quartet by composer Nadja Grothe, the first commissioned work for the ensemble. Around this radio premiere, we will explore how fusing musical traditions and reconfiguring the practice of classical music can open up new creative spaces. This BGNM-Archestra co-production established new connections within the Berlin music scene and reflects on how meaningful and hierarchy-free musical networks formation in the city could look like.


New work by Nadja Grothe

Performed by The String Archestra, featuring Fatmanur Sahin (Violin), Neneh Sowe (Violin), Yassin Sowe (Viola), Daniela Fuentes Latoja (Cello)

The String Archestra directed by Daniele G. Daude


Hosted and organised by Gina Emerson, Daniele G. Daude and Lucy Railton



Composer: Moacir Santos
Performer(s): Mario Adnet, Zé Nogueira
Album: Choros & Allegria, 2005

‘Archestral Dance’
Composer: Nadja Grothe
Performer(s): The String Archestra, recorded 24.02.22

Artist: Stromae
Album: Racine carrée, 2013

‘Mento Mood’
Composer: Ayanna Witter-Johnson
Performer(s): The String Archestra, recorded 26.11.21

‘Suite for Strings - Fuga con pajarillo’
Composer: Aldemaro Romero
Performer(s): i Musici
Album: Confluencia, 2016