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Zafraan Caravan #1: Radio Diaries From Northern Morocco

2 September 2017



This broadcast follows and documents a journey of two weeks through Northern Morocco.

It tells the tale of first encounters and cultural discoveries through pairs of European eyes, ears and mouths, the intention being to explore virgin territories with curiosity for all its facets; the popular one, the touristy one, the superficial one, as well as the religious, culinary social, linguistic and musical one.

It’s a tale of the ordinary told through the lens of the particular, looking for cultural identities in the everyday details.

It’s the incipit of a discourse, intentionally left open for further things to come.


Produced by Aladin Ilou

Words by Matteo Spanò

Voices by Virginia Pietromarchi and Matteo Spanò

Artwork by Giulia Fioravera



Sarah Davachi - soi-même comme la matin
Sarah Davachi - feeler
Rais Mahamad ben Mohammed and Ensemble - Aouada Trio
Sarah Davachi - a garden, an orchard
Hazan Isaac Ouanounou and members of the Hevrat Gezekel - Ya Souki hakim (Secular Sephardic Song)
Sarah Davachi - Qualities of Bodies Permanent
Chaba Nouria - Etlaf
Daoudi - Ha Malou Ha Malou
Nass el ghiwan - Fine radi biya khouya
Aladin Ilou - Hanya Ghada
Cheikh Ahmed avec la troupe l’Arfaa - Nestanak a Yamna
Maalem Abdeslam Sarsi el Mahet - Aiyowa d’Moulay Abdeslam
Fripp & Eno - Ankaa
Sarah Davachi - flowers and other voiceless things
Aladin Ilou - Rif Latif
Les Frères MEGRI - Lili Touil
Casa System - L'feeling Dayz
Christopher Bissonette - Jour Et Nuit
TOTO - SMOU7AT [Prod. by Hades]
Chikh Ayyad ou Haddou and Ensemble - Ouakha dial Kheir (Women’s Chorus. Tahala)
Safi Abdelghani - Ould Ammi
Sarah Davachi - geneva
J Dilla - Last Donut of the Night

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