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Cashmere Talks – Artists For Ukraine – Satellite Event

15 April 2022
  • Talk Show
  • Informative

Artists For Ukraine – Satellite Event at Cashmere Radio is part of a Ukraine fundraiser event, initiated by Yugen Collective in Georgia, in collaboration with Not Human collective in Aachen and Monika Dorniak in Berlin. Happening one month in advance of the Not Human Art Week in Aachen (14-21st of May), which features works from queer and feminist artists from the New East, the satellite event aims to focus on the Russian war against Ukraine. The program at Cashmere Radio features a conversation with Mariana Berezovska (Borshch Magazine) about her cooking project in Berlin, in which the local community comes together with people who recently fled from Ukraine. In the second part we speak with Vitsche members, to reflect on their activism and cultural work in Berlin, and finally the German-Georgian curator Wachtang Tscheischwili reflects on the on the Soviet occupation of Georgia, and its impact on Georgian culture and identity until the present day.

The conversations are moderated by Monika Dorniak, and include music from Ukrainian artists, such as Danyil Pinko and many others.


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