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Landscapes: a conversation on AI, alchemy and art

19 March 2021
  • Talk Show
  • Informative

‘Landscapes’ is a project by artistic duo CROSSLUCID produced for Slanted Magazine in collaboration with Generative Adversarial Networks and data alchemists Martino Sarolli and Emanuela Quaranta.

For those not familiar with the book Landscapes Between Eternities (2018), CROSSLUCID are masters at imagining how our future will look like.

Through sixty-nine portraits and twenty-eight still lives, the artistic duo portraits the mutant landscapes of endless fluidities between what we still identify as human and the multiplicity of textures, technologies and artificialities of the post-race,

post-gender cyborgs inhabiting the world(s) of tomorrow.

In 2018 talking about Landscapes Between Eternities, CROSSLUCID wrote:

“the body is examined, idolized, but also appears in a state of emergency: it is unstable seamlessly slipping between one virtual avatar and the other.”

“Circulating in a transitional reality, elements previously captured in conservation phases are set free and unexpected new combinations emerge thus uttering an urging invitation to re-imagine new forms for our being in the world”

Three years later we find ourselves enraptured by the mystery of 5000 images between portrait, still life and expressionist topography, reminiscent of CROSSLUCID’s aesthetic, but alien to our comprehension of what is human, natural, artificial, digital.

The encounter between the two artists and the two alchemists, Martino Sarolli and Emanuela Quaranta, transmuted an imaginative and aesthetic process into a theological research, a study of patterns we can’t understand, but we know are part of us. 


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