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Cashmere Talks – Nonviolent Forces of Queer-Feminist Resistance

08 March 2022
  • Interview
  • Talk Show
  • Informative

This International Women’s Day, 8 March, join Monika Dorniak, Magdo (Constellation of Liberation), Vlada Vorobiova and Eva Yavkubi (Vitsche), in coming together under the theme ‘Nonviolent Forces of Queer-Feminist Resistance’ for a live discussion on Cashmere Radio. In light of the Russian full-scale invasion, and the consequential war in Ukraine, we are focusing primarily on the subject of resistance movements in the New East countries, and their linked actions in Berlin. This 45-minute show brings together participants from two Berlin-based collectives, which have their roots in queer-feminism, to reflect on the importance of physical protests and joined political assemblages, in the history and presence of Central and Eastern Europe. Within the past weeks, the new Ukrainian association Vitsche initiated several large-scale protests in Berlin, demanding peace and freedom in Ukraine. The Polish collective Constellation of Liberation (CoLiberation) was founded at the beginning of 2021, to raise awareness of Poland’s violations of human rights, specifically due to the governments implementation of LGBTQ+ free zones and the extreme restrictions on abortion rights. Furthermore Magdo & co have become increasingly involved in supporting POC & LGBTQ+ refugees at the Belarusian and Polish border. The discussion is moderated by German-Polish artist and activist Monika Dorniak.

Vitsche Berlin: https://linktr.ee/vitsche_berlin

CoLiberation: https://linktr.ee/coliberation