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CITTIPUNKT Radio – CP Lesekugel #2: Asta Lynge reads: “Made of sunshine”

28 April 2023
  • Reading
  • Informative

Reader: Asta Lynge, Cittipunkt Librarian

Length: 31:21 min

Language: English

This is an audio adaptation of the Work „Made of sunshine“ by the artist Asta Lynge, which was shown at Cittipunkt in the summer of 2022 as part of the show WHICH KNOWLEDGE FROM WHOM OR WHAT FOR WHOM OR WHAT?

The work consists of a correspondence between the artist and actor Susan Bennett. In 2005 Bennett sold her voice to what she initially thought was a generic phone messaging system, unaware of the recordings eventual usage. Six years later, with the launch of iPhone 4S she found out that her voice had been attributed to Siri, its virtual assistant. Included in the correspondence is an extract of the original IVR (Interactive Voice response) script used to create Siri. „Made of sunshine" tells a story about the commercialization of bodies, loss of identity, aural contracts and copyrights.


Images of the work: „Made of sunshine“


Artist website: