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Clouds In My Coffee #3 w/ Matty Martinez & Friends

29 January 2024
  • Balearic
  • Uplifting
  • Wintery

Keeping it chill and positive for this episode, attempting to set free a couple of earworms while adjusting to new coffee making standards.

Thanks to Anto & Stephen from Ecco Chamber for joining live at the studio and bringing me breakfast, and thanks to Valeria, our fantastic intern who brought positive morning vibes as assistant producer.

Today's throwback track was from the very first episode of Bush of Ghosts, what an absolute gem of an episode.

And since Cabaret Du Ciel also featured on today's tracklist, go listen back to their live set at Cashmere for Acid Shampoo.



1 Love 2 Love Sun Electric
2 Night in Aracaju Xacara
3 Cherry Dome_Candy-Flipping The NRG
4 Rainforest Soloist Takashi Kokubo
5 Enjoy the Ride Morcheeba
6 Lone - Under Cherry Blossoms (Minds Eye Reprise)
7 Back in the Pit Vista le Vie
8 Next Plane to London
9 Solid Maybe Philipp Otterbach
10 Oxygen (Ruf Dug Remix)
11 Warehouse Rock (Timmy Stewarts Sunrise Reprise)
12 Psychic TV - Interzone
13 Speedboat - Ruf Dug
14 Ultramarine - Robin guthrie & John Foxx
15 Groove Armada - At The River
16 Caffeine Effect Taran
17 I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (Percappella) Aretha Franklin & George Michael
18 Pauline Anna Strom - Equatorial Sunrise