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Common Narrative #21 w/ DJ CARLITA (Awkwardly Social) & Natureboy Gold

30 May 2019

Awkwardly Social initiator DJ Carlita joins Natureboy Gold for the 21st round of Common Narrative. Bringing lots of new goodies from his collection for an uplifiting and highly enjoyable session at arkaoda. Keep an eye on the very well curated nights of his collective happening frequently around the city. Next one on the 21st of June at OHM.


Tracks played by DJ CARLITA (00:00:00 - 01:01:00):

CRK - Sad React Only PLZ (Comic Sans Records)
Delikwe - African (XCPT Music)
Adlas - Arrival By Air (Answer Code Request)
Fadi Mohem - Rinse (Seilscheibenpfeiler)
Shanti Celeste & Hodge - Alula (Peach Discs)
Konrad Wehrmeister - Kitchenblade (Hundert)
DJ Plead - Liquify (Nervous Horizon)
NKC - Honest Drums (3024)
Ambien Baby - El Kesh (Planet Euphorique)
Karima F - Random Loop From Doepfer Side (Schloss Records)
Ronan Internal Relevation (Eternal Ocean)
Violet - New Visions (Paraíso)
J.Wiltshire - Wave Tablet (Oscillate Tracks)
Batu - Shiratani (Timedance)
Yak - Spore (R&S)

Tracks played by Natureboy Gold (01:01:00 - End):

Aal Wootton - Natural Fowrward
Wisdom Teeth - Sine Language
Lobby & DJ Polo - Chicken in the Bag
Rian Treanor - ATAXIA_D2
Roza Terenzi - Worldwide (Luca Lozano International Remix)
Nathan Micay - Ecstasy on a Maple Mountain
BNJMN - Droid

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