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Common Narrative #24 w/ Natureboy Gold

19 September 2019

2 years Common Narrative on Cashmere Radio thanks to all the amazing people that contributed and to all listeners. 

For the future I decided to play some shows on my own every once in a while. so 24 episodes later – here we go with the first solo episode. I’m super happy with the result – thanks to all the banging tracks circling around at the moment.

watch out for that upcoming neinzer in it that will surely be contender for track of the year.

cover design as always by Evin!

took the photo when I was in Tokyo.

playlist coming real soon. hit me up for IDs & take it eass



Rooms Within A Room - Pinch & Shackleton
Goulbap - Bakongo
Ofusc - Bftt
Nuh Ramp - Basic Rhythm
Regression (Amazondotcom remix) - Yilan
Second Freeze - Randomer, Hodge
Dancing Doubts - She's Drunk
Dance To Keep Warm - Dj Polo
Body Healthy - Al Wootton
Paradolia - J. Albert
Zenome Archetype - Desert Sound Colony
Shade Incarnate (instrumental) - Leonce
Dreamscape - Silas & Snare
80s - Newa
Kid - Tentwentyseven
Watating - Moresounds
Broken Sky - Rude Operator
Not Modular - Mr. Mitch
Get Centred - Joe

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