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Common Narrative #27 w/ Natureboy Gold

9 January 2020

First episode of 2020 sees host Natureboy Gold guiding through his favourite ambient bits from the last few month.

****sometimes I just want

to lie down quietly for a while****


Melanie Velarde - Nightfall
Magda Drozd - Left Foot
Magda Drozd - Painkiller
Vialan - Sepia
Xuan Ye - by those ancestry abound, joined an above system
Quirke - Maybe Again, Crawl Through
Cocktail Party Effect - Radioactive Fruit
ASC - Uracil
Zoe Mcpherson, Rupert Clervaux - Cercle Vicieux
Analemma - Liminal Crisis
New World Science - Movement 1
Florentino, Isabella Lovestory - Catastrofe (DJ Python Remix)
Jesse - Desert Mix
Julianna Barwick - Afternoon
Aleksi Perälä - UKMH51900042
Stenny - BFRB
Christopher Joseph - Eye In The Sky
Lack - Overground
October - Encore
Magda Drozd - Hanging Arms
Julianna Barwick -Evening

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