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Common Narrative #5 w/ Cera Khin & Gramrcy

14 December 2017

Gramrcy hosted episode 5 of Common Narrative. Besides the infamous Housework nights where he appears regularly alongside his bristolian pals Shanti, Goles and Daisy, he again released a bunch of killer mixes this year. For the last episode of ’17 he is accompanied by Cera Khin, selectress from Berlin via Tunis. She hosts her own marvelous show at noods radio and owns the new born label LazyTapes, which arose out of a lucid dream.


Big shout out to everyone who tuned in this year.


Tracks played by Gramrcy:

Jules Venturini - Keep It Close
Claro Intelecto - Kozyrev’s Mirror
Burbank - Powdery Mildew
Jack Angle - Third Act
Regis - The Master Side
Savage Hymn - Animals V1
Led Er Est - Port Isabel
Dona - Energia (Live Cut)
Radioactive Man - Sonic Portal (Ben Pest Remix)
Bokeh - Fast Fiver
HKE - Hard v777.777 (ft. Henry Wong)
Spatial - 111020
Juzer - Maiden Japan
Torn Hawk - Wormquest
Special Occasion - No Cover (Maxxxbass version)

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