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Common Narrative #7 w/ Mark Rhein & Natureboy Gold

8 February 2018

Mark runs the label Wake Up! from Lüneburg alongside a collective of friends and pushes artists at disconect.

Fueled by his search for a timeless sound and referencing the classic Detroit and New York house his sets never

fail to tell a story that is building a bridge to the presence. You might have heard him play at one of his about blank nights

in the past year, where he was joined by companions like Peverelist and Kassem Mosse

or alongside Willow in Shanti Celeste’s NTS Show.


Tracks and Records played by Natureboy Gold:

Joe McPhee - Cosmic Love number two [Corbett vs. Dempsey]

Brandi Ifgray - Stargazer EP [Sähko]

adr - open invitation [PAN]

ø - Takaisin [Sähko]

Batu - Void [Timedance]

DJ Dog & Double Dancer - Transition DNP-CD [Rebound Lounge]

Kassem Mosse - Wir sehen andere Tage [Ominira]

I-f - Nothing Else [Viewlexx]

Gesloten Cirkel - Stakan [Murder Capital]

Edmundy - Astropsychics EP [Börft]

Neil Landstrumm - Sahara [Central Processing Unit]

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