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Cryptomnesia #30 Hosted by the notorious Paul Paulun “The Poetry of DIY”

11 January 2020
  • Art-Rock
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Collage
  • Experimental
  • Atmospheric
  • Celebratory
  • Cinematic
  • Druggy
  • Informative

This month’s wonderful episode was hosted by the mystic Paul Paulun. The episode features the voices and sounds of artists like, Angus MacLise, Jerry Lindahl, I Nipoti Del Faraone, Can, and oh, so much more! If you’ve been feeling unbearably mundane the past few days, weeks, months then here’s your chance for a jolting awakening. The episode promises sources of inspiration and positive resusitationresusitation

Here at the Crytomnesia community we strongly recommend keeping an outlet of expression at arms reach, while listening or, straight after you’ve returned to the sensations of your room. This show penetrates all corners of the mind and certainly has no trouble in keeping your ears to the speakers, so to speak. Have a listen while peeling green peas, taking a bath, a walk through the city, a forest, or while sitting in a room full of people, imaginary or real. Whichever mood you choose to enter the asylum will most positively not be the mood you exit with(in). Call it astral traveling, time traveling, or mind-time looping, but you’ll quickly notice your supposed environment dissolving right before your very eyes, as you descend/ascend further and further into this DIY vortex of sound and poetry from various parts of the globe.

Now does that sound like a solid infomercial or what? Please enjoy, or get uncomfortable, this is a worthy hour and a half of your time, honest to Jehovah.



Angus MacLise Loft Collage 0:13

The Outer Sound Project Untitled 3:40

Jerry Lindahl The Indian Elephant 7:04

I Nipoti Del Faraone Creepy 12:18

Tom Recchion Cara Mia 14:38

Los Angeles Free Music Society "Tom's Studio" Sessions – Pomperosity Pumps 18:22

Selten Gehörte Musik 3. Berliner Dichterworkshop 26:55

Neu! Super 78 41:12

Abweichendes Verhalten Die Protopopows 42:44

Die Tödliche Doris Stigfinnareträffande II 44:19

Negativland Keep Rollin' 46:57

Can Transcendental Express 51:22

Gulfa-e-Ghani and Zareef Train Rhythm Imitation 55:58

Muslimgauze Teheran Via Train (Departure Mix) 57:59

Mozart Vs Mesmer Mozart Vs Mesmer Pt.1 1:04:26

Renaldo & The Loaf A Convivial Ode 1:06:25

Greg Neutra / J.D. Elliot Grieg Fatigue 1:09:51

Tuli Kupferberg Social Studies 1:13:03

Unit 01 / Unit 09 / Unit 08 Fishes 1:15:25

Amy Taubin Door Stop 1:19:25

Angus MacLise Humming In The Night Skull 1:21:31