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Cryptomnesia #34 w t Infamous Artist BLAIR BOGIN Featuring Astrology & Fernando Pessoa

02 May 2020
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In this month’s episode we’ll be tuning in with the lovely Blair Bogin, an artist and astrologer currently living in LA during the dooming Corona-Pandemic. Fortunately, LA almost always has sun, smooth vibes and an abundance, of just about everything. Have a listen to two long lost friends re-uniting over ZOOM, sharing memories, writings and inspiring recordings which they have collected and streamed. Rooting the show are works inspired by the great Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa, whose Birth-chart is included in this month’s episode! BAM! Enjoy!

Oh, and if you’re interested in joining Blair’s world-famous Newsletter, receiving an astrological reading from her, artistic or straight forward, follow her @sisterbride on Instagram or click through her website: www.sisterbride.com ZING!