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Cryptomnesia #36 with Wynton Kelly Stevenson on Rudy Stevenson + PoeticWords of Muhammad Ali

27 June 2020
  • Jazz
  • Interview
  • Laid-Back
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In this month’s episode we had the privilege of interviewing Wynton Kelly Stevenson in the back of a bar on WeserStrasse. I met Wynton one night on a street corner outside of a Späti holding a picture frame with a small painting over a fahrkarte. He quickly played his harmonica and then vanished. I found him one more time and asked him to share his story with us. In this month’s episode you’ll get a taste of Wynton’s life and the story of his father, Rudy Stevenson, a jazz musician made famous for writing a few of Nina Simone’s greatest hits and more. Thanks for tuning in….