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Cryptomnesia #44 with Guest Poet Natalie Mariko

04 April 2021
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In this month’s episode we had the pleasure of recording poet, Natalie Mariko in the gardens of West Germany. Natalie will be reading from a selection of her poetry, while discussions of god, the eternal and the unknown gracefully elbow their way into the show.

As a spoiler, here’s a digestible quote by Simone Weil – an offering of what’s inside this 1.5hr package:

Waiting for God: “The beauty of the world is the mouth of a labyrinth. The unwary individual who on entering takes a few steps is soon unable to find the opening. Worn out, with nothing to eat or drink, in the dark, separated from his dear ones, and from everything he loves and is accustomed to, he walks on without knowing anything or hoping anything, incapable even of discovering whether he is really going forward or merly turning round on the same spot. But this affliction is as nothing compared with the danger threatening him. For if he does not lose courage, if he goes on walking, it is absolutely certain that he will finally arrive at the center of the labyrinth. And there God is waiting to eat him. Later he will go out again, but he will be changed, he will have become different, after being eaten and digested by God. Afterward he will stay near the entrance so that he can gently push all those who come near into the opening.”

Natalie Mariko is a NJ-born poet currently living in Berlin. She is a former poetry editor of SAND Journal & studied English & African Literature & Film at the University of Cape Town.

Most recently, she participated in the Transmediale Festival Vorspiel in collaboration with Cru Encarnação & Kuenstler Kuenslterin, leading a two part lecture series on apocalypse, death & the afterlife entitled “The End & Everything After”.

Her works, interviews & translations have appeared over the past half-decade in various publications & under various pseudonyms in the USA, UK, Germany & South Africa.