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Cryptomnesia #50 Featuring EGG poetry by Bernadette Meyer, CA Conrad, Anne Tardos +++

11 December 2021

In this month’s episode we’ll be featuring.. the egg… accompanied by egg poetry and egg thoughts by artists and writers like Anne Tardos, Caroline Bergvall, Bernadette Mayer, C.A. Conrad, Charles Bernstein, and Edith Massey, the egg lady. Please run your bath, scramble your eggs and enjoy the sphere. 


Anne Tardos - Refrigerator Defrosting with Vocal Improvisation (1975)
Bernadette Meyer
The Holloway Series in Poetry - Caroline Bergvall
Enneagram - BBC Radio 1 (1972)
CA Conrad
The Talking Eggs
"O ovo, Clarice e a galinha" | Hora de Clarice 2015
Rod Smith
Edith Massey

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