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Cryptomnesia #9 Guesting Esther Heller, Featuring Maya Angelou and “Autonomous Loss”

07 April 2018
  • Art-Rock
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Collage
  • Experimental
  • Atmospheric
  • Bombastic
  • Celebratory
  • Flowing
  • Hypnotic

In this Episode Esther Heller poetically and rhythmically brings the listener into her personal world of grief, loss, femininity and eventually autonomy. Supporting this Episode are the powerful and inspiring words of Maya Angelou who poetically, politically, and courageously uplifts and untangles racial, gender and political taboos. Ease yourself into a safe space of pain and healing with musical words meant to revive and empower both the reader and the listener.