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Cryptomnesia Cryptomnesia #41 in Collaboration w Bridge [print*press*poetry*performance*]

09 January 2021
  • Arts & Culture
  • Avant-Garde
  • Collage
  • Interview
  • Poetry
  • Bombastic
  • Celebratory
  • Chaotic
  • Cinematic
  • Cynical

Cryptomnesia collaborates with BRIDGE in this month’s Episode #41. Bridge is a quarterly print and performance series arranged to bridge the subjects of poetry – writers and readers inside and outside the boundaries of Berlin. Bridge is run, organized, printed and stitched by Patrick Kurth and Maria Zanlungo. This show features the voices and words of Abie Franklin, Jane Flett, Eva Costello, Natalie Marko, and Paula Hurtado Otero. Tomi Rodriguez has specially composed music for this episode and Abie Franklin and Eva Costella have painted, sketched or carved unique illustrations exclusively for Bridge, edition 6, print.

***You can order a copy of EDITION 6 for you or, someone you love or like, by emailing bridge.berlin@yandex.com. The artwork you see on this page is a sample of the artwork printed in the book and more! —-> selling point

About the artists and writers you’ll be hearing from:

Abie Franklin was born in Jerusalem in 1995. After completing national service in Israel, he moved to Berlin in 2015. He is currently finishing his studies in fine arts at Kunsthochschule Berlin Weißensee. He has had exhibitions and projects in Germany, Israel, U.S.A, Ukraine and China. His work is centred around boundaries: between mediums, man-made and natural, body and space, material and matter.

Jane Flett is a Scottish poet and odd witch. Her work has been anthologised in the Best British Poetry and commissioned for BBC Radio 4. She’s a recipient of the Arbeitsstipendien für nichtdeutsche Literatur and the New Orleans Writing Residency. When she’s not writing, Jane reads tarot, swims naked in lakes, and plays cello in the riot grrrl band Razor Cunts. As you – the listener, can imagine, these various recordings clipped together somewhat represent the confusion and disjunction of our current 2020/2021 circumstances..thanks again for tunning into Cashmere radio, next up, Jane 

Natalie Mariko is a NJ-born poet and former editor of SAND Journal. Her works, interviews, and translations – often interwoven with vapid, new-agey sloganism, cliché, txt-speak, and (intentional) tpyos – have appeared over the past half-decade in various publications & under various pseudonyms in the USA, UK, Germany, and South Africa.

Paula Hurtado Otero is an interdisciplinary artist working with text, video, performance, and installation. Her practice primarily involves research-based questions regarding colonization, the politics of food, inter-species relations and globalization. Through her practice she questions given, first-hand narratives and works to give space to more inclusive versions of history.

Eva Costello is a visual artist and poet living in La Plata, Argentina. She majored in Visual Arts and focused her studies on printed art and engraving. She has taken part in group exhibitions in Buenos Aires, La Plata, and Mar del Plata, and in 2018 she participate in the Artist Residency Program for Poets, offered by the International Poetry Festival in Rosario, Argentina.