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CSC #7 with Crush and Michael Simonson

15 May 2017
  • Funk/Soul
  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • Roots
  • Talk Show
  • Celebratory
  • Funky
  • Sensual
  • Soulful
  • Uplifting

As the evening breezes cool down the temples and ancient garden gates, the daytime markets of Thebes, the Gods cast their nets intertwined with balsam and oil, ensnaring men and women like wild pheasant and deer in the silken cords of love. In the lotus reeds along the Nile, you can hear the whispers. In the onyx eyes planted in the statues of the sphinx, you can see the reflection of their fire. Come with us through the melodies with a 90s vibe to experience some of the earliest love poems known – a sexual desire encapsulated in ancient papyrus as much as in the flows of The Roots.



CSC #7


Aaliyah – Intro
Bonnie Banane – Muscle
2nd II None – Up in da Club
LL Cool J – Loungin'
hushush & D a j u – Ur special
(1999 Riddim) 99 Allstars – 99 Mix
Yvette Michelle – I'm not feeling you
J. Dilla – Whatever you want
The Roots – Proceed
JD. REID – Higher
Drake – Since Way Back
Future – I'm so groovy
Waltaa Grems – Gospel
Tariq Disu – Different Topics
Myron – We can get down
Roy Davis Jr. – Gabriel (Live Garage)
Dreamcast & Sasac
Samuel Jonathan Johnson – My Music
Dextel Wansel – The Sweetest Pain
Kendrick Lamar – PRIDE
Isaac Hayes – Ike's Mood
Mary J. Blidge – I love you