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CSC #12 with Crush and Shazzam Ibn Ararat

12 February 2018
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  • Sensual

We have the immense pleasure of publishing here, for the first time with CSC #12, the recently discovered wax cylinder recordings of Shazzam Ibn Ararat reciting the fine fleur of several of our classical Latin poets. Catullus rightly pointed out that “it’s proper for a devoted poet to be moral himself, [but] in no way is it necessary for his poems” so that CSC #12 with Shazzam’s dark readings “will sodomize you” and “arouse an itch […] in those hairy old men who can’t get it up” (Catullus 16).

Shazzam Ibn Ararat (1218 – 1187 AD), most illegitimate son of Genghis Khan by way of the Khan’s liaison with Eleanor of Aquitaine’s best friend Jenny, is considered by recent scholarship to be the first modern English poet. His writings have survived mostly in Arabic, discovered at the site of the temple erected in his name atop Mount Ararat circa 998 AD.

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KKapitain Baseball Bat Boi - Spark Master Tape
No. 9 - Playboi Carti
On my mind - Jorja Smith x Preditah
Panda (Jael Remix) - VanJess
Before You - Rachel Foxx
After the Storm - Kali Uchis ft Tyler The Creator and Bootsy Collins
Ascension (Dub) - Maxwell
I want your love - James Mason
Tabou (Roots remix) - Les Nubians
Warm Eyes - Fatima
2U4U - Slum Village
Tyrant - Kali Uchis ft Jorja Smith
All Di Bwoy Want - Cecile
Gang Gang - Migos
Rhymes to the East - Sampa the Great
Indigo - IAMDBB
Son of a Queen - Melodownz
Tremendous - Mama Mystique ft Q-Ball
All Glocks Down - Heather B
Deadly Venoms - Vic Spencer
Golden Dragon - Taha
Posted - Kiran Kai
I want to know what love is - HNNY
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