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D.I.Y. Church the return of … #011_now that’s what I call midi

24 November 2018
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in this episode we are focusing on midi and the beauty of global industrial tech standards,

all sorts of midi – gamemusic, popmusic, blackmidi, fake midi, reversed note midi.

the inspiration came from a post dipshit made in september on the /crease forum and with the help of the other users it became a huge collection of midi. thanks a lot everyone who contributed.

the cover as well as the title for the show is stolen from a fundraising internetarchaeology did back in 2010 to press some midis on vinyl.

so this would be volume #2

there is more to say to midi and also more links to share.

as one probably reads this text in the browser – here are some more links:

how old is midi ?


what’s that global midi togetherness the moderator is mentioning ?


mh what is midi ?


MIDI is an industry standard music technology protocol that connects products from many different companies

including digital musical instruments, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

MIDI is used every day around the world by musicians, DJs, producers, educators, artists, and hobbyists to create, perform, learn, and share music and artistic works.

and what is general midi ?




the tracklist is a global cultural heritage