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D.I.Y. Church the return of … #12_cheesecup

26 January 2019
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in this special #12 cheese cup episode

our guests are sanitary (T)issues and the guest spirit of vanessa cognizance.

Both were already on various diychurch shows over the past years – still it had been

a while that we were in the same room doing radio plus there was even already a show about cups

or so called mugs before

find it here.

some of sanitary (T)issues projects are:

workcentre 232

I m not messy I m creative

sanitary (T)issues sc

some dj links as well archive.org & sc

vanessa arrived very late to the show and one will only find the spirit arriving in the “afterparty” –

reading a short text. Exactly next to cups another thing we wanted to theme the radio episode around was language and

writing. enjoy the cheesecup.

2 links to vanessa:

vanessa cognizance sc




; )