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D.I.Y. Church the return of …#22_carte blanche for wilty

18 January 2020
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ersatzverkehr immer mehr.

its a new year – first show. shlucht wasn t there.

therefore replacement service via wilted woman, who gives the listeners a little inside into her endeavors

of running a or two labels – starting very diy with a printer and a tape duplicator mainly publishing tapes

for a small community of friends and with like-minded people and also sharing instruments & devices-

than slowly professionalising it over the years working with the internet – being a label boss. running a label is not easy.

especially now a days where there is so much music laying around on that so called internet and is available more or less for free.

still the physical aspect and distribution of a record, tape or vinyl, comes with different responsibilities and tasks – wilted woman takes you

on a drip thru her experiences with being a label boss and than stumbles in giacomos birthday mode.

happy birthday @giacomo & thanks to wilted woman for taking over and sharing her thought on running a label & publishing music.