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D.I.Y. Church the return of…#34 hifi efx in stereo

16 January 2021

hello Listeners,

first episode of the new year. it is episode number:


a little special about the discogs user Marchienne-Au-Pont & his very interesting collection of CDs, or at least

I only took CDs – there is much more to discover on his page.

I recently was wondering about the latest developments of music platforms online and realised that discogs is

a page that I often visit but never really mention or pay attention to. that might also be because of there more low profile self promotion but also

I assume because of their focus in content and audience.

anyway I got a little box full with CDs – not all is played and it was much more than in one show fits.

hope you enjoy it.

have a nice day.

soon your diychurch


listen careful

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