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Deep Puddle #12 baby birthday

18 December 2018

Episode #12 aka PUDDLE’S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Melancholic rock and synthpop in order this month. Big ups to SEF III my favorite band of the year who get played not once but TWICE this episode. You can find their newish record here— highly recommended.


This episode features music from the following artists:
Groke, Acolytes, Extra Life, Secret Boyfriend, Glenn Branca, Fat Worm of Error, Jac Berrocal, AMANDA, Scream Mask, Neo Boys, Oh-OK, Suisho No Fune, Michael Rother, Cottaging, Tan, Teachers, World War, SEF III, Scott Walker, Farewell my Concubine, Peter Baumann, Sculpture, and Morton Subotnick.

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