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Deep Puddle #31 THE PERVERTED MIND – münchen special

31 July 2020

DJ Puddle went to Munich, overheated, and explored the Perverted Imagination. All you ever wanted to know about the pre-oedipal phase but were too afraid to ask! Recorded live with sidekick/co-host Hydro Majestic (that’s DOCTOR Majestic to you!) in the very reverberant hall of Lothringer13. Thanks “K” for having us 🙂


MUsic played included
Vanessa Paradis - Joe le Taxi
Tominsky - laughing child
Palais Schaumburg - wir bauen ein neue Stadt
Secret Boyfriend - Touching Men
DJ Oa$is - Goat life
Coppertone - All is one
Wipeout - der kleine König
Tonetta - yummy yummy pizza
Laibach - sixteen going on seventeen
Amanda - worship me
Orphan Fairytale - happy burstday
Klaus Nomi - ding dong the witch is dead
Frank Zappa - why does it hurt when I pee
Backstreet Boys - EVerybody

and some other tracks as well! I don't remember!

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