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Deep Puddle #32 no relaxing

11 August 2020
  • Electronic
  • Free Jazz
  • Industrial
  • Noise
  • Chaotic
  • Trashy

DJ PUDDLE IS VERY EXHAUSTED. Returned from Cashmere’s invasion of Munich last week only to find the heatwave has followed the gang back up north. Terrible news… anyways it is impossible to be relaxed, it is too hot. Therefore, an hour and a half of non-relaxing music. No guest, no them,e no funny business, just puddling… returning to form next month!

Untitled_Artwork 5.PNG


pharaoh sanders - izipho jam (my gifts)
the pheremoans - febry
chen yi - hail
sherriff lindo and the hammer - ! (dub)
wolf eyes - choking flies
new detroit inc - brown dub
cube - expecting
vdr - desolaat
jasmine guffond - default cultures
wilted woman - untitled
lxv - living wage (container remix)
mario sisters - bonded
max eilbacher - metabolist meter (excerpt)
kites - flicker boosters
durutti column - beginning
emeralds - snores
the thing w/joe mcphee - going home
frieder butzmann - blauwellen
dendö marionette - walts (for lautréament)
ditterich von euler-donnersperg - angenehm müde
nick klein - doves on deck