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Deep Puddle #35 – alte pizza

3 November 2020

Lots of music new and old and a special feature on PIZZA with local pizza expert Dan. Thanks for listening!


Tru west -tru children (herva cobra 90 mix)

Broshuda- Face2

Sarah Davachi - Olsun

James K - Wetstone

Grace Jones - The hunter gets captured by the game

Acolytes - Aneurysm

Enema Syringe - Upshutlenvolte

Der Plan - Alte pizza

Ramirez & Pizaro - Hablando

Lhasa - Fractal Energize

DJ Richard - Pitfall / Final mercy

Peter Cusack - Some guitar playing

Ras Donnersperg - Erwache dub

Reece Cox - Clang 1-4

Rok - Dance with a stranger

Force Legato - System

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