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Deep Puddle #38 w/ Hand of Food

26 January 2021
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Collage
  • Experimental
  • Lounge
  • Atmospheric
  • Exotic
  • Mystical
  • Strange
  • Summery

For the first episode of 2021, DJ Puddle was honored to be graced with a guest mix from the innovators of New England Tropicalia, Hand of Food. HOF describe themselves as “Travel and leisure lifestyle electronics trio from the shores of Rhode Island, USA” and I am not sure I have anything more to add to that except perhaps the word “supergroup.” The Food Dudes have a new record out on Ever/Never that I would highly recommend purchasing… come on, treat yourself to a little psychotic mind holiday. In the sage words of Ren “container” Schofield, “The record plays like the warped audio brochure for a struggling resort town, luring you in with motivational rhetoric and a transparent facade of tranquility. Although your instincts tell you something is off and the regional jokes are all lost on you, an all-inclusive vacation deal this good hasn’t landed in your inbox in a while so you go ahead and book the trip anyways.”

Thanks Hand of Food!

With Warm Regards,

DJ Puddle

Hand of Food: https://handoffood.bandcamp.com



DJ Puddle:
The Dreams - Aloha Miami (Yerevan Tapes 2011)
Teresa Winter - Love Crime (Boomkat editions 2021)
I Can I Can’t - Let’s work backwards (Low Company 2020)
Idoli - Schwüle Über Europa - Omorina Nad Evropom (Jugoton 1981)
Tominsky - Depressed? Let me present you with stupid shit (2020)

Hand of Food:
Body of Water - Flows (MORE Records 2021)
Supernatural Affirmations For Dream Vacation
LOG - LOG 9 (Experiences Ltd. 2020)
Pool - Glove Soup (unreleased)
Motohiko Hamase - Intermezzo (Shi Zen 1986)
Hand of Food - Birdbath Beyond (2020)
ETRUSCA 3D - Tuchulcha (Pacific City Discs 2020)
Lazy Magnet & Sakiko Mori - Make It Fun Again 4 (2021)
I Win Free Vacations
C. Lavender - Myth Of Equilibrium (Editions Mego 2020)
Chris Fratesi - 240 (Anathema Archive 2020)
Gavsborg - Bees Love Ackee More Than Dogs (2020)
infs - Sub-Skyway Gutter (2020)
Orgonon Pit - Brained (unreleased)
Network Glass - 1ANK,M2 (unreleased)
Baby; Baby - Beams (unreleased)
Demolition Group - Bad Gag (Hiara 1988)
Тальник - Махаон (Talnik 2020)
Agave Brothers - thou (Banh Mi Verlag 2020)
Patrick Gallagher - Set In The Bardo (Psychic Liberation 2021)
Isabella - Lathe (unreleased)
Phaeton - Silverback (Oxtail Recordings 2021)
Wilted Woman - Pickle Man (Hand of Food remix)

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