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Deep Puddle #48 a message from barney

05 April 2022
  • Experimental
  • Minimal Synth
  • Oddities
  • Reading
  • Synth Pop
  • Laid-Back

first episode in a while due to illness and dog energy and märzmusik but BACK now with a special story from great grandpa barney as well as music



anton bruhin - bastei mit strohdach
skullkid - hee hee! aw boo hoo
agave brothers + rick weaver = meemaymaw
åke hodell - numro ba besch
teresa winter - drowning by numbers pt 3
yasuaki shimizu - asate
anton bruhin - coffee kremkream
arc en ongive - esplanades radieuses
moderne - switch on bach
nicolini - pootanisca
fizzy veins - darts champ
young druid - myrda
jürgen ratan - staufepark
hermann kopp - vessels
linear movement - when love does me wrong
jjulius - speglar mig
enhet för fri musik - innersta rummet
gavsborg - domestic termites love rock music
ultraflex - olympic sweat
zozo - load-in screen
jacno - triangle
milan w - columns