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Deep Puddle #34

06 October 2020
  • Synth Pop
  • Wave
  • Dark
  • Delicate

Autumn is in full swing but cashmere studios remain closed so deep puddle dialing it in once more from puddle studios with lots of synthpop, music with singing, and a fair bit of pheasantry.



Borghesia - Dreamless
Family Hawaii - This brush sweeps clean
Young Druid - UV
Gossiwor - Domestic saga #2
Oxhy - Storing meat in the belly of my brother
90% Wasser - Faces (cassavettes)
Ignatz - We used to smoke inside
Waqwaq Kingdom - Pure love
Kode9 - You don't wash (actress remix)
Frank Zappa - Beltway bandits
Donna Summer - Spring affair
Sean Nicolas Savage - Only you
Design a Wave - Remedy
Strawberry Switchblade - Go Away
Raphael - Calcium
Das das - Ich erkenne mich nicht mehr
P1/E - 49 Second Romance
Daily Life - Mindless Power
East Wall - Ice of fire
Drexciya - Lardossen Funk
Blueboy - Alison
Rupa - Aaj Shanibar