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Display Resolution #17 w/ John Loveless & Cormac

15 June 2018

John Loveless returns for another round of Display Resolution, with special guest, ex-Fabric resident and Panorama Bar regular, Cormac. Lots of new music for dancing and otherwise, and apparently a brief, accidental appearance from DJ Koze at 140BPM. What a scamp!


Gemini - Take A Chance (Spacetalk)
Mori Ra - Light Blue Holy Land (Cockring D'Amore)
Shariff Laffrey - Everything Is Nice (ESP Institute)
Red Axes - Sipoor (Phantasy)
Out 2 - Moving (Emotional Especial)
Special Request - Curtain Twitcher (Nina Kraviz Remix) (Houndstooth)
Barker - Look How Hard I've Tried (Ostgut Ton)
Serena Butler - To Tilt The Fulcrum (Awry)
Holiday Inn - I Don't Want To Die (I'm Going To Kill You) (Maple Death)
HTRK - Mentions (Ghostly)

Cormac Selects...

Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
Upsammy - Words R Inert (Die Orakel)
Phil Kieran - Polyrhythmic (Optimo Trax)
Blak Rox - Le Beat Is Technotronic (Black Rox)
Human Performance Lab - 80 Gigs (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)
Friends of Matthew - Out There (Technomix) (Serious Records)

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