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Display Resolution #22 w/ John Loveless & Avril (Futura/Comeme)

1 November 2018

With the November edition of Display Resolution coinciding with the DICE Festival & Conference (including workshops, panels, lectures and live performances highlighting female, trans, and non-binary artists and speakers), John Loveless is joined by Avril Ceballos, founder of forward-thinking booking agency, Futura Artists, and label manager of legendary offbeat dance imprint, Comeme.

Nobly transcending the hustle and bustle of several hundred people exiting a Planningtorock gig, Avril reflects on the foundations and philosophy of the agency, representation in the modern underground scene and the importance of established artists as well as what’s bubbling up.

John mispronounces names and forgets to take a photo, but blends a bumper edition of upcoming, recent and distant dance and alternative music, entirely written, produced or performed by femme-identifying artists. Tracklist below.

Image is the classic, Mexican twin-track rollercoaster, ‘Montana Russa’, located in Avril’s birthplace, Mexico City. The featured branded energy-drink biker is not Avril, or a common fixture.


Carla Dal Forno - No Romance (Top Of The Pops tape, self-released)

Sonoko - Aoi Tori (Stroom)

E.m.m.a. - Liberty (Pastel Prism)

Tess Roby - Catalyst (Italians Do It Better)

Tirzah - Devotion (Domino)

Jackie Shane - You Are My Sunshine (Numero Group)

Nese Alkan - Tut Kalbimi Tut (Turkish Ladies, 1974-88, Epic Istanbul)

Ramzi - Evora (Phobiza Vol 3: Amor Fati)

Kaetrina - Muthafucka (Comeme)

Borusiade - Doublethink (Ostgut Ton)

Tora Vinter - Sheherazade (DJ Lily Remix)

Mor Elian - Dysmorphia (Hypercolour)

Molly - Quiet Spirit (RDV Music)

VTSS - Linked (Intrepid Skin)

Miss Kitten and The Hacker - Upstart (Dark Entries)

The Vaselines - You Think You’re A Man (53rd & 3rd)

Upsammy - Warm Puddles (Whities)

Perel - Die Dimension (Dub Version, DFA)

Mary Halvorson - Drop The Needle (Firehouse)

Laurel Halo - Mercury (Latency)

Lost Girls (Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden) - Drive (Smalltown Supersound)

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