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Display Resolution #34 w/ John Loveless

5 September 2019

John Loveless returns to Cashmere Radio after a summer break, playing a number of the records that have kept him occupied, intrigued and hydrated in the months that have passed.


Bochum Welt - Color Me (CPU)
R. Elizabeth - Cut Piano (Night School)
Froth - John Peel Slowly (Wichita)
Wilson Tanner - Idle (Efficient Space)
Carmen Villain - I Trust You (DJ Python Remix)
Lowell - No Matter (Ruf Dug Dub)
Yu Su - Watermelon Woman (Ninja Tune)
Frankie Bones - Just As Long As I Got You (Above Board)
Mickey Pearce - Smelling of Incense (Accidental)
Charlotte Bendicks - Hjemme Erotic (Accidental Jr.)
Sam Barker - Kickboxing (Ostgut Ton)
Nyra - Both of Us Knowing (Canoe)
Llewylln - These Days (Riotvan)
Kamazu - Indaba Kabani (Romain FX)
??? & ??? - ???
Special Occasion - Rampling (Jolly Discs)
Oli XL - Jet Generation (Bloom)
Phineus II - Hallucinogen (Green Bay Wax)
Client_03 - Prosperity Stream Divider (Client_03)
Fata Morgana - Espacio Profundo (La Vida Es Un Mus)

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