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Display Resolution #38 with John Loveless

23 January 2020

John Loveless returns for the first Display Resolution of 2020. New decade, same old grab bag of new and old records for dancefloor and far beyond. This is rated: A good one!


Kleine Negertjes - Six Six Six Sex
Bell Towers - Juicy Blend (Bullion Remix)
Meetsysteem - In Heaven (Prins Thomas Discomiks)
Nu Jacks - House Sensation
Phillipi - Sao Paulo
Facta - Scales & Measures
Madteo - Resident Alien (Broke-N’-Steppas Reluctant Club Mix)
PA Salieu - Frontline
Piezo - A Touch Of
Brian Eno & Cluster - Wehrmut
Andras - River Red
DR C Stein - La Bomb Plastique (Edit)
Aaron Palmquist - Dreamtime 2019 (Chameleon’s Pleasure Force Mix)
Beatrice Dillon - Workaround Seven
Julien Andreas - Dawn
Bergsonist - Gaza Border Violence
D.K. - Code Breaker
Gage - Red Sky Water
Colonel Mitte - Bless The Selector

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