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Display Resolution #43 w/ John Loveless

9 July 2020

John Loveless presents ninety minutes of midsummer musical discoveries from across the spectrum of electronic and alternative scenes. This month: zero chat, all tunes. Look after yourselves.


Steve Hiett - Dancing In July
Introduction - Rollercoaster
Boof - Rebirth of Gerberdaisy
Pearson Sound - Everything Is Inside Out
Acopia - For You I Try
Erika De Casier - Little Bit (Central Remix)
J Chrysalis - Under Leaf
JRMS - 3
Ariel Zetina - Eyeshadow Fallout
Kush Jones - Worldly Rhythm
HHY & The Macumbas - Barbaron Version
The Grooms - Slow Down
Dibson & Essody - Move Lovers (KOT Remaster)
Talking Drums - Courage (A Gramrcy & Loveless Edit)
The Cool Greenhouse - Dirty Glasses
Aroent - Quirky Chance
Rheji Burrell, N.Y. House’n Authority - 5th Time
Num Num - South Quay
Thiago Nassif - Trepa Trepa
Group Rhoda - Neptune

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