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Display Resolution #47 W/ John Loveless

30 September 2020

Live from his bedroom, John Loveless offers ninety-minutes of records from the semi-cosmic span of electronic and alternative musical transmissions, past, presents, perhaps even.. future?


Saskia - You Left Your Soul Behind
Jon Brooks - Well Then
Babe Roots ft. Earl Gateshead - I Come From Gateshead
Tolouse Low Trax - Jumping Dead Leafs
Yr Lovely Dead Moon - Physical Corpses
Lucky Pierre - The Heart Of All That Is
Michal Turtle - End Of An Era (Felicia Atkinson Remix)
Jessica Pratt - Game That I Play
Millsart - Place de Bastille
Padre Oe - Wide Awake
Parris - Aqua Surge
Phillip Gorbachev - Concentrate On House (Inga Mauer Mix)
Further Reductions - Only In My Mind
Malugi - Without Your Love (Alicia Myers Floor Flip)
Kiki Kudo - Grand Street Piano
Nidia - Emotions
Jason Loveland - Untitled Acid Session (Don't Stop The Acid)
Shawn Rudiman - Half Life
Les Sins/AceMo - Holy Cow
Holy Tongue - Emet
Joanne Robertson - High Noon

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