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Display Resolution #54 w/ John Loveless

15 April 2021

John Loveless with blends and minor chatter across the alternative/electronic musical spectrum, dated April 2020.


Oscar Peterson - Wave
Syclops - Nelson’s Back
YPY - Cold Disc (Lena Willikens Remix)
Sauce and Dogs - Grace and Grit
The Frenzied Bricks - Vicious Circle
Big Yawn - Skinrat (Bullant Remix)
Duane Island - Olio
Helium - Try Me (More Mix)
Jozeph Sefian - Karoun E Yegel (Spring Has Come)
Bar Italia - Angels
HOLOVR - Two Crows
GLOK - That Time Of Night
Moonilena - Pen Pal
Dexorcist - Kindred Spirit
Forest Drive West - Block Nine (Konduku Remix)
Moot - Mavis
Roger Fakhr - Every Body Is Going Home
Patti Shaw - Somebody Pulled The Switch (Disco Mix)

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