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Display Resolution #56 w/ Karima F

10 June 2021

John Loveless is joined by DJ, producer and writer, Karima F to discuss her new record, literature recommendations and taking your shoes off indoors.


Tauru Johnson & Lion Heart - Sunny Dae
CV Vision - Should I Tame My Endless Mind
Ruins - Sexual Desire
Khotin - Mind Altar
PYTKO - Save My Day (DJ Python ‘Nice’ Remix)
DJ Black Low ft. DJ La Bengwa - Down The Road
Ground - Stone Bridge (Mogambo 4AM Psy Dub)
Tom VR - soared straight through me (Kareem Ali Remix)
Karima F - Crab Ride
Karima F - Youth
loket - Althüttendorf
Sansibar - Sky Express
Elbee Bad - Just Let Your Body Ride (Unreleased Mix)

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