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Display Resolution #59 w/ John Loveless

30 September 2021

John Loveless returns semi-live from 10965 with carefully curated electronic and alternative music that may or may not be absolutely imperative for you, yes you, to hear.


Material - Seven Souls
Maxine Funke - Moody Relish
The Berndharts - I Hear You Calling
Eddie C - Forever In My Life (Eddie C’s Schneller 7”)
Rudnick - She Spells Doom
Bored Lord - So In Luv
Holy Tongue - Curse Removing
Buzinelli - Call In Blue
Asa Moto - Connexion a Liege
Nikki Nair - Socket
Bunny Lee - Run For Cover
Artefacto - Mundo Sin Viento
Fire Fight - Wantin U
Wile Out - Olha O Que Ela Faz
Kamran - Tombak Trak
Len Lewis - Joy
Somachrome - Operator Love
Nite Fleit - Bad Blood
Plush Managements Inc. - Plush Play
Rudolf C - Life In The Petri Dish

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