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Display Resolution #8 with John Loveless

5 October 2017

John Loveless broadcasts from Lichtenberg for the first time (bear witness as he eventually works out when the mic is on and when it’s off), presenting ninety-minutes of fresh and rediscovered electronic and alternative music.


Charles Bradley - Trouble In The Land
Ariel Pink - Death Patrol
DAF - Kinderfunk
Minor Science - Volumes
Nathan Melja - Steam
Leonel Castillo - Rukbat
Santiago Salazar - Aspirations for Young Xol
Carla Dal Forno - Clusters
Celestial Trax - Youth
Giant Swan - Salted
DJ Plant Texture - Press Play On That MF MPC
Maxine & Cleo - Imagine Yrself
Project Pablo - It’s Not The Dream (Club Lonely Remix)
The Sixteen Steps - Signals From The South
Black Asteroid - Chromosphere
Markus Gibb - Inbred
Sapphire Slows - The Edge Of My Land
AL-90 feat. Spurv - Nerve Edit
MGUN - See It For Myself
Cabaret Voltaire - Low Cool (Marcell Dettman Remix)
Lali Puna - The Bucket

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