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Display Resolution #13 W/ C.A.R. Live & John Loveless

17 March 2018

John Loveless hosts a special edition of Display Resolution, featuring live guests, C.A.R. AKA, Chloe Raunet, accompanied on bass by London DJ and promoter, Harry James. Her new album, PINNED, is out now on Ran$om Note Records. Meanwhile, John tops and tails the show with brand new music from across the spectrum, as per.


Gwenno - Den Heb Taves
Rose Mercie - The End Of Love
Ingleton Falls - It's Just A Hobby
Daniel Avery - Slow Fade (Actress Remix)
Hieroglyphic Being - Video Jazz
Broshuda - Fent

C.A.R. Live Set

Tessela - Glisten
Jasss - Flexion (Mick Willis Cut)
Mutant Beat Dance - Rottonfunk
Omar S - Games That We Play

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