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DreamTime #16 ft. the sound of FX from Phonoelit, & El.B.Bad live

28 January 2020
  • Afrobeats
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Arts & Culture
  • Balearic
  • Atmospheric
  • Dreamy
  • Ethereal
  • Euphoric
  • Hypnotic

dreamtime is an open space where possible futures gestate, as yet undefined. where the sound of the past present and future come together as one. corin arnold, aka ed2000 plays his own edits, remixes, drone music & compositions adding acapellas, spoken word, samples and textures to create a unique radio experience. in this show, the unique sound of FX of Phonoelit and the Prince of Dance, live! el.b.bad, from new york and resident in berlin since 92 blurs the lines between interview, rap, spoken word and song over special edits of his own beats , prepared for this show by ed2000. el.b heard the tracks he would perform on for the first time ever when they came on in his headphones. its all about feeling, being in the moment, improvisation and being in that zone.

dt 16 jan 28 2020


a.i. movie intro drone edit
dadawah: vocal refrain
a.i. movie intro dub edits
autotune meets ed2000: beats and atmospheres backing track
jamjam vocal bits
jim morrison talks about the future of music (1969)
jagger vocal fill
merry clayton vocal from gimme shelter
michael caine talks about the fall of empire (from the movie “lets all make love in london tonight”)
dub intervention drone edit
futura talks facist america
dadawah: run come rally – dub intervention extended edit
chacka khan: tell me something good acapella sample
marvin gaye: whats going on acapella sample
jvc force: strong island instrumental ritual edit
chain gang: lightning long john ghostly edit
unkle: armour ext. edit
the prince of dance: this dream dreamtime edit
el b bad live spoken word, rap and sung session
azee project: dois bois beats edit
bob marley: exodus lion edit
the prince of dance: need to need in another dimension dub
el b bad live spoken word, rap and sung session
fx of phonoelit: bed of oday dreamtime flavour edit
fx of phonoelit: bed of oday dreamtime drone remix
kyla nicole: move like a snake acapella
stevie wonder: superstition 2020 edition edit
blimp: 4.30.00 to 4.45.05 dreamtime edition