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DreamTime : Its Not To Late.

20 June 2023
  • Ambient
  • Avant-Garde
  • Arts & Culture
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Dreamtime according to the Aboriginies is where all things were created. Musically this show reflects that as New Fusions abound seeking to birth a brand new groove or a here and now style that none of us have ever heard before.

Special to this show, two Berlin basd contemporary Artists, Nika Radic and Georg Spehr will give interviews and tell us all about their new show opening in one of Berlins most highly respected and dearly beloved project spaces right now, the wonderfull Kotti Shop, on June 22. As well as Visual Art, part of the Austellung is a series of narrated guided walks through specific districts of Berlin to explain the Citys story from the perspctive of the plants that have and do and may one day grow here. More Information here: http://www.gruen.tonophonie.de/

Kreuzberger Pflanze

Nika Radić und Georg Spehr

Fünf Stadtspaziergänge und eine Ausstellung, in denen die Geschichte der Stadt aus der Sicht der Pflanzen erzählt wird.

Die Ausstellung eröffnet im Kotti Shop am 22. Juni


Kreuzberger Pflanze is an exhibition and five performative walks in Kreuzberg by Nika Radić and Georg Spehr.

The project tells the history of the city from the point of view of plants.

The exhibition opens in Kotti Shop on Thursday the 22nd of June



every track listed is an edit created for this show and subsequent Dj Sets.

Gacha Bakradze - Boredom
Oh man - Squares and Triangles
Lord of the Isles - Solo
Last Magpie - Clouds
AMS - Invuelta
M:O:C: - Aluar Horns intro acapella
Terrence Mckenna - About Shamanism-audio of one of his lectures
Percious System - The Voice Of Planet Love
Alex Harvey - The Faith Healer Acapella
La Tirana - Del Oriente
Acid Arab - Think Of Me Beats
Acid Arab - Rajel (Mr Boom Rmx)
Kid n Play - Gettin Funky Beats
Fractured Collective - Showcasing Slow Beats
More tracks to follow - searching the details