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DreamTime #32 showcasing the work of South African Artist Sio & Berlin based Thomas Fehlmann

20 April 2021

The new releases from Sio and Thomas Fehlmann so much deserve your attention, ive given over most of this months dreamtime to them. Thomas Fehlmann,s “Bose Herbst” is simply excellent in every respect . “Features” by Sio ( Siobahn Lulama King) is beyond superlatives and praise. just do your self a very big favor and listen to it.


thomas fehlmann - medley:
uberschneidungen / vergssen/wunschwechsler

sio - medley
golden ft kid fonque & d.malice,
racist child ft johnny miller,
reverse flight ft dunn
woman ft charles wqebster

thomas fehlmann - medley

sio medley
lucid lunacy ft johnny miller
theres me ft dawson
i learned early ft johnny miller
sex pot ft arkis
aquamarine ft charles webster

isley brothers - the heat is on ft edwin star ( dub intervention edit)

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