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DreamTime #07 “Tonight in your dreams, you must look at your hands.” (Don Juan)

11 December 2018

aboriginal chants, masai vocal groups, haitian street musicians, pre release ambient, contemporary compositions,moments in time, past present and future here and now, at the crossroads, from here to …

this show features several drone edits, accapellas and spoken word, incatations and information, spoken word, field recordings remixes and dub versions of


miles davis - saeta

a pack of wolves in on the move through a thunder storm

masai women singing

underworld - silent way - drone edit

underworld - low between - drone edit

apanorama - wilderness - various edits

the great beast

nikaya - helicopter - thsia remix

masayoshi fujitu - its a magical night - dreamtime edit

chants of the rimbaramba - dream time version

street musicians of haiti

zephyrus - ocean - extended dub intervention edit

king sunny ade - jafunmi - extnded dream time version

jb I feel good - dub edit

dr john - danse kalinda da boom - re edit

dr john - i walk on gilded splinters in the mix

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